Assessment Phase Outcomes

The PEAK team, supported by our consultants at Huron Consulting Group and KPMG, provided the Board of Regents with an update on progress at their July 2021 meeting. Broadly, the opportunities are grouped in the following four categories.

  • Organizational Design and Capability: focused on effective and consistent service delivery at all levels.

  • Talent, Culture, Change Management, and Training: focused on a systemwide approach to managing our greatest asset, our people.

  • Technology, Data, and Metrics: Enhancing technology to deliver services in more consistent, user-centered ways.

  • Management Processes: Adjusting allocation of resources to align with needs, improve service and enhance employee experience.

Read the Integrated Narrative, a detailed report of assessment phase outcomes for Positioned for Excellence, Alignment and Knowledge (PEAK) Initiative and see copies of the final reports for this phase from Huron and KPMG.

Throughout the summer, the opportunities shared with the Board of Regents will be refined into a roadmap developed in consultation with campus partners, functional leaders, and governance groups. Based on this input, a proposed design and implementation plan will be shared with the Board of Regents in October to guide future design and implementation details.

Faculty and staff involvement is critical to the PEAK Initiative's success and we look forward to continuing to engage with individuals from all five campuses in the coming weeks. Members of the community who are not involved in governance consultations will have the opportunity to attend in person or online Town Hall sessions to learn more about the development of the roadmap. Until those sessions are scheduled, please continue to ask questions, provide comments, and share feedback via our feedback form or email our project team at


About The PEAK Initiative

The Positioned for Excellence, Alignment and Knowledge (PEAK) Initiative is a systemwide effort that will identify opportunities across non-academic functions to increase efficiency or gain capacity, which in turn will help steer our teaching, research, and outreach mission into the future.

Functions within the scope of the project include:

  • general administration
  • finance
  • information technology
  • facilities management
  • student services
  • human resources
  • communications and marketing
  • global programs and activities
  • research administration
  • procurement
  • development
  • auxiliary activities

The University has engaged with Huron Consulting and KPMG to develop recommendations with the help of leaders and governance groups. The advisory council for the project consists of members from the Finance and Operations Planning Workgroup, which developed the initial roadmap for this work.

Guiding principles for the PEAK Initiative.


Timeline April to June, assess: vision, guiding principles, change readiness, opportunities, enabling recommendations. July - September, path forward: leadership and employee conversations, community feedback, evaluate options, prioritze recommendations. October 2021 - TBD, design and implementation begins, "do": design, align, launch, measure.

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Many people have advised on this effort; their involvement is deeply appreciated. Membership of the committees formed to help guide this work is available on this site.