Formal Recommendations

This committee provides input to the CFO, and the management team reporting to the CFO, on all aspects of financial management at the University. In its capacity as such, the following formal recommendations have been made. Note that these documents do not represent the entirety of the committee's contribution to financial operations at the University.

  1. Cash basis for UM Reports April 2011 (pdf)
  2. Expenses should show as positive numbers April 2011 (pdf)
  3. Accounts Receivable should be used for TIP April 2011 (pdf)
  4. Shift Combo Codes to "behind the scenes" functionality August 2011 (pdf)
  5. Advisory committee proposal (creation of FinMAC) February 2012 (pdf)
  6. EFS approval processes April 2012 (pdf)
  7. PCard February 2013 (pdf)
  8. Internal/External Sales Issues February 2013 (pdf)
  9. Finance dotted line reporting relationship July 2013 (pdf)
  10. Provisional access March 2014 (pdf)
  11. Financial training curriculum and suggested training grid December 2014 (pdf)
  12. Transfers between Funds December 2014 (pdf)
  13. FinMAC's membership guidelines September 2016 (pdf)