FinMAC hosts a variety of events. Some are meetings by invitation-only, others are working sessions for those involved in specific areas when specific needs arise. FinMAC's subcommitee for the Financial Systems User Network coordinates presentations or discussions that are of broader interest and open to everyone in the finance community at the University.

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FSUN Events

The Financial Systems User Network (FSUN) is an organization comprised of over 700 University employees who have finance-related job duties. Group activities are planned by the FSUN subcommittee of FinMAC. Suggestions welcome! FSUN wants to facilitate sessions people find useful, timely, and intersting. Email us at

Brown Bags

Watch Brown Bags live online


2018 Spring Membership Meeting

The 2018 Spring Membership Meeting was held on April 24, 2018 at the Great Hall of Coffman Memorial Union.

Student Payments

Student Payments recording (45 minutes)
PowerPoint Slides

Fiscal Year-End Procurement Cleanup

Fiscal Year-End Procurement Cleanup recording (46 minutes)
Year-end purchasing pdf
FYE ineligible to roll docx
PowerPoint Slides

Criteria that causes POs to be ineligible to roll at FYE

Current requisition data to help with cleanup

PO reduction criteria (xlsx) will be closed at FYE to decrease large PO volumes that will jeopardize the roll jobs

  • Tab 1: POs that haven't had a payment in 15 months
  • Tab 2: Old Blankets that are less than $50K and more than three years old
Accounts Receivable Collections

Accounts Receivable Collections Recording (31 minutes)
PowerPoint Slides

Finance Reporting Strategy

Finance Reporting Strategy recording (28 minutes)
PowerPoint Slides
UM Analytics training docx
UM Analytics tips pdf

Back to Basics on Department Deposits

Back to Basics on Department Deposits recording (13 minutes)
PowerPoint Slides

Demonstrations of UM Analytics financial reporting tools and topics: