FinMAC hosts a variety of events. Some are meetings by invitation-only, others are working sessions for those involved in specific areas when specific needs arise. FinMAC's subcommitee for the Financial Systems User Network coordinates presentations or discussions that are of broader interest and open to everyone in the finance community at the University.

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FSUN Events

The Financial Systems User Network (FSUN) is an organization comprised of over 700 University employees who have finance-related job duties. Group activities are planned by the FSUN subcommittee of FinMAC. Suggestions welcome! FSUN wants to facilitate sessions people find useful, timely, and intersting. Email us at

Brown Bags

 Virtual Brown Bag The Strategies of Journal Entries - Part 1  

Virtual Brown Bag Just Say NO to Petty Cash 


2019 Fall Membership Meeting

The 2019 Fall Membership Meeting was held on October 16, 2019 at the Great Hall of Coffman Memorial Union.

Agenda Great Hall

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Chrome River Navigators

Watch a recording of the Chrome River Navigator presentation

Navigator 101, review of basics, top X questions & answers, current issues (PowerPoint)
Leading up/coaching & service tips for Navigators (PowerPoint) and Leading Up Resources (PDF)

FSUN General Membership

Watch a recording of the FSUN General Membership presentation 

TCard v PCard (PowerPoint)
How to CYA (Cover Your Assets) (PowerPoint), Requisition QTY to AMT (PDF) and Tips for Capital Asset Requisitions (Word)
Justifications (PowerPoint) and Handly Justification Grid
Period 913 (PowerPoint)

Agenda for Break Out rooms

Watch a recording of Reporting breakout session
Reporting Focus on UM Analytics, OVPR Dashboards (PDF)

Watch a recording of Constructive Receipt breakout session
Constructive Receipt (TMOG #7) (PowerPoint)

Watch a recording of Independent Contractors breakout session
Independent Contractors with Payroll Services